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Time & Tide Brewing Co. - Ham Sandwich (7.4%)

I'm not sure why this beer is named the way that it is,  but fortunately it’s a name that has no bearing on the beer itself.
Ham Sandwich is a straight up single hop (Mosaic, if you’re wondering) New England IPA.
It pours a slightly hazy gold and smells of pineapple chunks and lemon balm.The malting is soft and squidgy, with shortcake and caramel making for a light yet solid base, while the hops taste super fresh, with lots of spiky green leaves, a prickle of lemon sherbet and some pineapple juiciness.
Loitering in the background, the yeast adds a mist of lightly spiced peaches, while the finish is long, crisp and dry.

Author/Photographer: Simon Williams.
Simon is a beer blogger (and friend) and runs the excellent CAMRGB  website. Simon has kindly allowed me to use his reviews of beers that he has sourced from our shop.
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