Piglove - Phantasticum Hop Healer IPA

Piglove (from Leeds) are a new brewery to me and the shop. Their website gives the lowdown on the brewery name:

Piglove comes from the Venezuelan expression “Cochino Amor” which is normally used to describe a love for something that is so big and passionate that it can pass as dirty. Like pigs love mud and spend a great amount of time in it.

Something about their two available beers piqued my interest and I ordered them in for the shop. The blurb on the back mentions a Amazonia chuchuhuasi plant that gives a woody after taste, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the claim having never tasted a chuchuhuasi plant but I can taste a slight earthiness with piney notes to this 6.5% IPA. 

The beer pours golden and hazy, but not super hazy, this isn't in NEIPA territory. But it is super crushable. Possibly a little too high in ABV for a big session but I could easily sink a few of these on a sunny afternoon. It's very easy drinking for the ABV and has a refreshing bite to it. This a cracking introduction to a new brewery and I can't wait to try more beers from them. 

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