S43 Pretzels On My Mind (10%)

This, boys and girls, is a superb Imperial Stout. It’s a thick and creamy, smooth as a baby’s bum, vanilla ice cream of a Stout.

It’s a Stout with lashings of melted milk chocolate, rum and raisin, brown bread and toasted bagels.
A Stout that also boasts a sexy little snatch of green herbal foliage that gives it a bright and keen edge in the finish.
It’s a Stout that’s big and boozy, brandy snaps and treacle tart drenched in Cognac.

 And all of that is very good indeed.
But this is a Stout that has been brewed with salted pretzels and they slowly build as you drink, bringing with them, at first a light saltiness, but later on that almost burned pasty flavour that only pretzels have.
This, boys and girls, is a superb Imperial Stout.

Author/Photographer: Simon Williams.
Simon is a beer blogger (and friend) and runs the excellent CAMRGB  website. Simon has kindly allowed me to use his reviews of beers that he has sourced from our shop.

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