Three Hills Brewing Co-Ordinates: Irish Red (52.2016°N, -10.4218°W) (5%)

This is an Irish Red Ale and a thing of malty beauty. It’s a warm, round and chewy beer.

A beer that gives you a little kick of sharp and pithy hedgerow greenery from its First Gold hops, but really is all about its sexy malt body.

You’ll find toffee coated brioche, treacle tart, rum and raisin chocolate and brandy snaps all vying for attention as you work your way down the glass.
THere’s also resinous redwood bark and rolling tobacco and a dollop of brown sugar syrup as you head towards the sticky finish.
I absolutely love this.

Author/Photographer: Simon Williams.
Simon is a beer blogger (and friend) and runs the excellent CAMRGB  website. Simon has kindly allowed me to use his reviews of beers that he has sourced from our shop.
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