The PnH Beer Blog

Dec 2, 2021


By Matthew Curtis It’s slowly beginning to dawn on me just how neglectful I have been of the Welsh beer scene over th...

Oct 17, 2021

Dog’s Window Brewery - Play Dead (11%)

By Simon Williams Well now, it would appear that Dog’s Window can currently do no wrong.Take this mixed fermentation ...

Oct 5, 2021

Welsh Wonders (Rhyfeddodau Cymru) — Wilderness Brewery in Newtown, Powys

Welsh beer has a character of it’s very own—one that deserves its story told. And so I’ve teamed up with Trev and the gang at Pop’n’Hops in Cardiff to start telling a few more of its fascinating stories. 

Oct 4, 2021

Time & Tide Brewing Co. - Ham Sandwich (7.4%)

I'm not sure why this beer is named the way that it is,  but fortunately it’s a name that has no bearing on the bee...
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